City of Lecompton Council Meeting Agenda May 5, 2022


Go outside for 15 minutes to look at Park and come up with an improvement plan for companies to bid on

7:00pm – Open City Council Meeting
Roll Call

Approve minutes – April 18th, 2022

Approve bills

Public Comments are Welcome; please wait to be recognized by raising your hand.
(please limit comments to five minutes and stay on topic at hand)

– Jefferson Oskaloosa Ext. office for 4-H – Day camp: June 16th (Thursday) Afternoon 12:30-4:00 Use of CB? Would it be allowed at reduced or no charge? – Maybe representative

– Andrea Chavez – Peaslee Tech

– Possible review of sidewalk project – Talk about changes – Jason Hoskinson maybe at this meeting.

Jeff Heiman
– Any updates on following properties: letters sent after 4/18
405 E. Woodson – multiple holes in roof/siding falling off Jeff Morris
600 & 1851 Diag. Rd. – Barn collapsed/clean up rubble pile – Richard Nichols
645 E. Second – vegetation overgrowth, trash, scrap metal piles – Mike Coffman
0 -2nd & Elmore – Meadow has 2-3 truck cabs and a trash/burn pile in tree line – Dennis Stauffer
421 Elmore – Damaged/disabled vehicles/untagged/scrap & trash piles – Bill Willis
409 Whitfield – roof damage – Steve/Rita Fischer
530 E. Third – accessory structure: holes in roof, doors damaged – Pat Edwards

Rance –
– Are we still considering a new City Truck?
– What are we doing with framing up the office at maintenance bldg. and Electrical install and finishing gas connection?
– Water tower inspections this year? Its due – council okay with getting bids?

Lynley –
– Review updated bid for pad at maintenance building – if approved resign and send back
– Reminder – vinyl flooring in PRIDE building needs installed before end of May.
– Browns tree service will be taking down the tree in City Park
– Update – sent utility bills on 4/26 – lot of calls today that residents haven’t received their utility bills yet.
– Taking some time off between 5/20-5/27 – Sharron Roberts is planning on covering office times, may have a hold up in shut off’s and utility billing may be late for June.
– Anonymous letter regarding 815 E. 5th St.
Old business –
– We approved the wells to be acidized 4/20/2020 –Patchen has been busy/COVID things – do we continue to wait? Last time wells were treated was 2016. (It’s been 6 years, it is affecting production)
– Mike Coffman called city office regarding violation letter – requesting hearing/help/extension

New business –
– Review any applications for P/T Mowing & maintenance employee